What I Ate in Thailand: A Photo Essay

What can I say about the food in Thailand that hasn’t already been said a million times over?
Other than the fact that I could eat local Thai Food all day, every day, for the rest of my days.

And no, I am not exaggerating. I could eat Pad Thai for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snack on the street food on sticks in between the meals, and still not get enough. And on most days, that is exactly what I did.

Let’s take a trip down Thai-Food Lane, shall we?

The first thing we ate in Thailand, straight off the plane in fact, was Pad Thai Goong
Stir Fried Rice Noodles in Pad Thai Sauce, with Prawns. A clear indication of how much I love Thai food, I couldn’t even wait till I got out of the airport to start. We had this at one of the restaurants at Suvarnabhumi Airport, and washed it down with Chang Beer.


Dinner on our first night in Bangkok was at a Restaurant just down the street from our hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 18: called Palm @ 18 Bar & Restaurant. We had Khaw Phad Kang or Shrimp Fried Rice.


We also had a meal at the Food Court in Siam Paragon, one of Bangkok’s many malls; one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia in fact. It took me almost 30 minutes to decide on what to eat, such was the sheer magnitude of options, each more enticing than the last. I walked up and down the crescent-shaped food court, and just when I would think I had decided on what to order, another stall with an equally delicious array of dishes would beckon.

I finally went with a plate of Yaki Soba from a Japanese food stall – essentially fried noodles (I had mine with Pork) that are typically flavoured with a sweetened, thickened condiment similar to Oyster Sauce. A very popular street food in Japan, though it is basically derived from Chinese chow mein, I loved it. Sweet and spicy, each thick noodle was laced with flavour, the pork was deliciously chunky.


The husband ordered a dish of Rice and Beef from a Korean Food Stall. This came accompanied with a whole assortment of accompanying sauces which were super spicy, and made the dish super yummy.


We also tried the Mango Sticky Rice, because, well, how can you not, when you are in Thailand. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy this much. While the Mango was absolutely delicious, the combination of the two left us a little disappointed.


Ao Nang, in Thailand’s Krabi Province, is where we spent the next 4 days of our holiday. The food here did not disappoint either. Not one bit.

The first night had us stopping at one of the rooftop bars that line the beachfront road: Echo Restaurant and Bar. Selected at random, and also because the neon lights and belting music were hard to ignore; it had a casual, relaxed vibe and pretty decent food.

Goong – Kra – Beung, deep-fried Shrimp encased in a crispy pastry; followed up with a Thick and creamy Beef Massaman Curry, rich and very heavy.


Yet another one of them Bars at Ao Nang’s main strip was Chang, where we stopped for a few Beers. We also ordered Crab Cakes from a nearby vendor.


Cha Wan Resort, where we stayed in Ao Nang, also had great food. Not only was a daily breakfast included in our package, we were also offered one additional Complimentary Thai Dinner. Everything we had was pretty darn great.

On the day of our anniversary, we made our way to a Restaurant highly recommended by our Resort, and it did not disappoint. We had a memorable evening with a breath-taking view over Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara beaches at The Hilltop, Ao Nang. Detailed review will be out soon, so stay tuned.

Kway Teow Pad See-Lew: Dry stir-fried noodles in Soya Sauce with Beef

Kway Teow Pad See-Lew: Dry stir-fried noodles in Soya Sauce with Beef

One of my favourite meals was surprisingly at Black Canyon Coffee, a popular chain of Coffee Shops across Thailand (think Cafe Coffee Day in India, only much better). Not only was their Coffee absolutely fantastic, but the food was pretty great too.

How can a post about Thai Food be complete without a mention of the insanely good street food, found at every corner, at the end of every street, and at every turn. I lost count of how many sticks of food we munched on, somewhere at the end of our second day in Thailand itself.

So many sticks, so many skewers. Chicken, Pork, Beef, Seafood, you name it, they had it.

14 15

Somewhere between sweet and savoury: Pancakes on sticks and Waffles on Sticks.


Vegetarians, do not fret.


Now, while I could stuff myself on all of the above, and then some, all day, everyday; the husband couldn’t. He needed a break. So we did look beyond Thai Food for a few of our meals. 

Like this chunky slice of Bacon and Sausage Pizza from Little Italy inside Jasmine City Mall in Sukhumvit, Bangkok; and the Dia Vola Pizza (with spicy salami, garlic and mozarella) at La Casa in Ao Nang, Krabi.

Some great breakfast options. Pancakes with Honey, the Metro Pancake Roll, Eggs and Frozen Cappuccino at Metro Cafe, Oakwood Hotel in Sukumvit, Bangkok.

And my love for doughnuts couldn’t keep me out of Krispy Kreme or the local chain called Mister Donut.

I’m surprised we manged to get any sightseeing done in the midst of all the eating! 🙂 What about you? Have you been to Thailand? What was your favourite meal? Try any unconventional street food?

Doesn’t all this talk of Thai Food make you really want to cook some? If you get my drift, be back later today, one of my favourite blogger friends makes a mean Pad Thai, coming up in the Readers Recipes Section in just a bit. 

So, what are you eating today?


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  1. All the dishes look delicious (although it is disappointing to hear that the Mango Sticky Rice wasn’t excellent), and all the variety of street food–wow! I am so jealous! Hope I get to visit Thailand someday. There’s also several Mister Donut stores in Taiwan, haha.

    • Oh you really should plan a trip. I love it! I enjoyed the doughnuts at Mister Donut more than Krispy Kreme quite frankly. 🙂 The mango sticky rice just wasn’t to our taste I suppose. The mango was yummy by itself, the rice was good by itself, but it was the combination I didn’t particularly like myself.

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