2015… and a Few of my Favourite Things…!

For this month’s #BlogAlong, the monthly link-up party hosted by Shruti, Pooja and I, we thought it would be fun to look back at the year that was…!

2015 has been a great year for me, in so many ways…! A year of family celebrations, of personal discoveries & professional achievements; and of many beautiful memories. So, as we begin the countdown to the end of 2015 and before we begin looking towards what 2016 may bring; here’s a quick look back at some of my favourite things from this past year.

Destination Weddings & Living like Royalty

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Indian weddings…! Colourful décor, elaborate dresses, exuberant dancing, an abundance of food and drinks; what’s not to love! Destination Weddings take the enjoyment factor to a whole new level, IMO!

For my brother-in-law’s wedding in March earlier this year, my family and I along with a close-knit party of family and friends, made our way to Samode Palace in Rajasthan. A 475-year-old palace converted into a Heritage Hotel and a comfortable three to four hour drive from Delhi, it was a Destination Wedding like no other!

Samode Palace, Rajasthan

Not only did it make for a truly grand venue for all the wedding festivities, but it also served as a super luxurious getaway which had us living in the lap of luxury!

Read the full review of Samode Palace here.


Challenging Myself & Trekking the Himalayas  

The idea of being completely off the grid for days, with no washroom in site for miles on end, is really not my idea of a good time! Or so I thought.   My brother was able to convince me, with a fair bit of cajoling, to accompany him and a few of his friends on a Trek to Kareri Lake. A mid-altitude, fresh water lake in the Dauladhar Range, also known as the Outer Himalayas or Lesser Himalayas; it’s a glacial lake at an altitude of about 9,000 ft. above sea level, and it takes trekking 13 kilometers in the mountains to get there.

Enroute Kareri Lake

Enroute Kareri Lake

This trek pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, there were times I felt like my legs would buckle under me, and more than once I wanted to collapse on the giant boulders we were trying to climb across, just to break down and cry!   But with the first sight of Kareri Lake, surrounded by the tall peaks of the mountains powdered with snow and its calm blue waters glistening in the sunshine, I was simply blown away! The sense of achievement I felt was indescribable, and it made the ordeal of the journey entirely worth it!  

Read the entire story of my trek to Kareri Lake, here.



Winning Accolades for LifeOnMyPlate


Holidify.com, a destination discovery website, published what they call ‘The Ultimate List of the Top Travel Bloggers in India You Must Know’. Guess who made it on as one of the Top Travel & Lifestyle Blogs!!!

Find the full list here.  

Birthday Trips and Ambling around Amer Fort

For my birthday this year, the mister and I decided to head out of the city! We wanted to relax and unwind, get away from the hustle and bustle of life, rather than visit a new city which would inevitably involve a fair bit of sightseeing. We chose to go back to a city we both have been to multiple times, separately but never together; one that we both love – Jaipur!

#Birthday #Bubbly!! #Celebrations

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Even though sightseeing was not the agenda and lazing by the pool at the hotel or watching movies in bed was what the doctor ordered, we couldn’t resist a trip out to see Amer Fort. Everything about this fort is gorgeous, and if you haven’t been yet, I’d recommend you get right on it!          

Traveling to Russia & Going to the Ballet

The highlight of my trip to St. Petersburg, quite possibly the highlight of my entire trip to Russia, was attending a Ballet at the Mariinsky Theater. I’d initially planned my entire trip around the idea of catching a show of Swan Lake at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. I chose a hotel located within walking distance of the theater, I even changed my travel dates to coincide with the dates of the show. But unfortunately, tickets got sold out months before, and this dream of mine remained unfulfilled.

As an alternative, we decided to attend a Ballet performance in St. Petersburg’s historic Mariinsky Theater, and I’m so glad we did. The ensemble of performances were great and the theater was simply stunning.

Read more on what I was up to in Russia, here.

2015 is far from over yet and while I’m still looking forward to what December has in store, it was nevertheless fun looking back at some of the highlights from this past year. And these were certainly some of the best memories…!

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This post is a part of the 3Girls and a #BlogAlong monthly link-up, hosted by Shruti from Msz Knowitall, Pooja from A Bit of This and a Lot of That and yours truly!

The theme this month is Flashback 2015, and you’re all invited to the party!


It’s YOUR turn now. Your best memories, lessons & learnings, musings & deliberations; #BlogAlong with us & tell us what stood out for you this past year!

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