Monthly Instagram Update & Happy New Year from Vietnam…!

It’s the last day of the year, and while I’m eagerly looking forward to ringing in the New Year in a few hours, with the midnight firecrackers that Ho Chi Minh City is so acclaimed for lighting up the sky above me, I can’t help but pause to reminisce and reflect on the year that has just flown by!

2015 was such a lovely year for me in so many ways. I have already highlighted some of My Favourite Things from the past year in a previous post, but if I was to be completely honest, the year’s biggest disappointment for me has been on the blogging front. I fell back in many ways. I haven’t been able to post half as often as I would like as life in the real world took over. But this is one thing I am most certainly looking at rectifying in the coming year!

But let’s wrap up the current year shall we, before we can look forward? So here’s a quick look at the past couple of months, flashed back through Instagram.

Wedding festivities continued into the month of November. One of my closest friends was getting married at the beginning of the month, and the celebrations went on for days!


The festival of Diwali, my favourite of all our Hindu Festivals, came next! Signifying the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, & hope over despair; Diwali is the”Festival of Lights” and really a beautiful time of the year! The city really comes alive, with fairy lights twinkling in almost every house!

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But unfortunately, there is also a not-so-nice age-old tradition associated with the festival; that of bursting fire crackers in celebration. Delhi’s air is polluted enough as it is, and the last thing we need are crackers adding to the health hazard. This is the only part of the festival I am not fond off, and while it certainly seems to be on the decline, I really hope people would do away with this all together!  


  But on a brighter note, here’s another photo from yet another wedding! 😛  

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In the month of December, I was invited, along with a few other Travel Bloggers, to live #TheForsthExperience at The Forsyth Lodge, located on the outskirts of Satpura National Park in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

 We spent 3 lovely days experiencing the thrill of safaris, driving through the jungle, listening to the calls of the wild, and being sensitized to the realities of wildlife tourism.  

On our last morning at the lodge, we were woken up before the crack of dawn, to experience beauty like no other! The Denwa River flows through the heart of the Satpura Reserve, and our group of travel bloggers went canoeing on the river. We witnessed the most beautiful sunrise as we floated on the serene waters of the river, and I have to say, this was one of my most memorable travel experiences till date!

On my way back to Delhi after my weekend in the jungles of Satpura, I took a small detour to visit the Buddhist monuments at Sanchi, a short 3-hour drive from Bhopal. One more place checked in my goal of visiting all 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India (more on that later)! On the way, this happened…!  

Back in Delhi, Broadway came to town…!

 And now, I’m holidaying in Vietnam! I’ve gotten a crash course in Vietnamese history while exploring Hanoi’s Old Quarter, been blown away by the stunningly beautiful Halong Bay on an overnight Cruise, and fallen in love with the charming lantern-lit streets of Hoi An Ancient Town!  

I’m now in Ho Chi Minh City, all set to hit the town to ring in the New Year!

So on that note, here’s wishing everyone a healthy, happy 2016!

The Boarding on Flight 2016 has been announced…
Your Luggage should only contain the best souvenirs of 2015;
The bad and sad moments should be left in the trash;
The duration of the flight will be 12 months;
So tighten your seat belts,
The next stop overs will be Health, Love, Joy, Harmony, Well-being & Peace!

Wishing you and all your loved ones an enjoyable trip onboard Flight 2016!

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  1. Happy New Year and hope you had a wonderful time in Vietnam! Isn’t it just the best?! I felt like I wasn’t able to quite keep up with blogging as much as I wanted to but I took a month off over the Xmas period and it quite nice just to pause and live life for the moments in their own right rather than always thinking about them through a blogger lens! Look forward to seeing where 2016 takes you ☺

    • Happy New Year to you as well Shikha… Hope you enjoyed taking the time off from blogging and had a fun time ushering in the new year! 🙂
      Vietnam was lovely, definitely made its way into my list of best holidays so far 🙂
      Likewise, looking forward to reading about all the adventures 2016 has in store for you!

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