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It’s a little strange that Amalfi hasn’t found itself on any list of Delhi’s most romantic restaurants. Sure, making a mark amongst heavyweights such as Olive Bar & Kitchen, Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, and Sevilla – The Claridges is no mean feat, but within minutes of stepping onto the cobbled stone terrace of this South Delhi Restaurant, its discerning appeal was undeniable.

Amalfi’s rustic charm hit me like a breath of fresh air. The white canopies fluttering against the vibrantly coloured walls, the marble fountain standing tall in the center of the terrace, the potted plants clustered about… just the kind of place I would hope to stumble upon, hidden down some atmospheric little alley, when I eventually do make it across to Italy someday…!

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Located in a corner of GK2’s M-Block Market, Amalfi is easy enough to find. There is an indoor section as well, but as it was a pleasantly cool winter evening, we chose to sit outdoors.  We parked ourselves in a corner of the terrace and were greeted by a platter of warm breads, served with a lip-smacking olive oil & herbed dip.

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Our drinks arrived promptly enough. Arjun’s was his regular choice of Whiskey-on-the-rocks, while I’d opted to deviate from my standard glass-of-red-wine for a change and try a Limoncello based cocktail. The Fiery Torch Cocktail – a potent concoction of Limoncello, Lime Juice, Soda, Grenadine and Orange Liquer had quite a delicious kick.

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Amalfi has an extensive menu of Italian dishes, with plenty of options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. After painstakingly perusing the menu, and after much deliberation, we finally settled on the Spiedini di Pollo alla Pancetta from the Antipasti section. The Bacon wrapped chicken skewers were a great start to the meal. I particularly loved the flavours of the honey prune chili sauce that they came drenched in.

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For the mains, I opted for Tortellini Ripieni di Ricotta e Spinaci. As perturbed as Arjun was with my vegetarian choice of order, I enjoyed my pasta dish immensely. I love the spinach+cheese combination in most instances, and this dish had creamy rings of pasta stuffed with copious amounts of a spinach filling, swimming in a thick and cheesy mushroom sauce, generously sprinkled with seasoning. What’s not to like?!

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We were at an Italian food restaurant, after all, so Pizza must inevitably be had! The Pepperoni Piccante pizza hit pretty much all the right spots from the very first crunch of its wafer thin crust.

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An indulgent meal calls for an equally indulgent dessert, and that’s exactly what we got with the Fondente al Cioccolato. Freshly baked chocolate fondant that spewed out molten chocolate enticingly, served with gelato ice cream, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we licked the plate clean!

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The Last Word: With an exceptionally appealing ambience, politely attentive yet unobtrusive staff, and a fairly exhaustive food & drinks selection, Amalfi is an underrated little gem of a restaurant; that I’m frankly surprised isn’t more popular. It faces some stiff competition in its location, being in the same market as Diva, Ritu Dalmia’s flagship & stellar restaurant, but is one which is more than capable of holding its own!

So, where are you eating today!

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