The New Delhi Wish-List

Delhi has been home to me for roughly 22 out of my 25 years. I always seem to be on a quest in this city: a quest for the novel, a quest to try the untried, sample the new, visit the un-visited. In a place like Delhi, where a new “spot” seems to mushroom up literally on a weekly basis, avenues to satiate that wish are plenty. Yet, there still remain that smattering of elusive restaurants, the small yet distinctive list of places I have always wanted to go to, yet, somehow, never had the chance / gotten down to it.

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Of Flashbacks and Forwards… JUNE, 2013

As my first month of blogging comes to a close, I thought I’d include a new monthly segment; a little corner for me to summarize the happenings of the month gone by; and perhaps throw some light on things I could look forward to as I step into a new month; quite straightforward in its title: Of Flashbacks and Forwards…! Continue reading

Thirty-Nine: Bringing an old-world charm to Hauz Khas Village

There are two categories of people in Delhi today: those who love Hauz Khas Village and those who don’t.
The latter can be heard lamenting on the over-commercialization of an originally quaint, quite neighborhood. They ruminate that what was once the offbeat destination for Dilli’s culturati, has slowly descended into mainstream mayhem. The former on the other hand, still find themselves drawn to “The Village” like moths to a flame. It won’t take a genius to figure out which category I fall in. Here’s a little hint: for someone who thrives on visiting new restaurants, could there be anything better than a street where something new seems to sprout up on a weekly basis? Continue reading

Father’s Day Special: Feel-Good Chocolate Cake

Nothing beats a good piece of Chocolate for that mood-enhancing, feel-good feeling.
Well, nothing except a rich and luxurious Chocolate Cake.
Add to that a delish, finger-licking good, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate icing, and you’ve got yourself a perfect Father’s Day surprise.


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The Pizza Place Series: Pilot

Coming Soon… To a Mobile / Computer Screen near you!


Source: Food Clip Art.Com

I Love Pizza!

I have always loved Pizza!

I would want my last meal on Earth to be, you guessed it, Pizza! Continue reading

How to make the most of your Weekend Getaway

How to make the most of your Weekend Getaway

When you want to get away from Delhi, but don’t really have time to get too far, Neemrana Fort-Palace is as good an option as any. Since I have just done it myself, I’m here to help you make the most of your next Weekend Getaway. Because I’m awesome like that.

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Perfection in Imperfecto

A few Mondays ago, in a bit of a celebratory state of mind having been married for 6 months, my husband and I made our way to Haus Khas Village to try out new kid on the block: Imperfecto. Sitting pretty atop the first building at the entrance to HKV, it catches the eye even from the perpetually-filled-to-capacity parking lot.  Continue reading

It’s a beautiful day to begin Blogging!

Have you ever… turned to a friend or colleague, or even simply an acquaintance, for suggestions on where to eat out?

Have you ever… found yourself utterly confounded by the overwhelming number of choices on offer for the average diner?

Have you ever… wondered why zero-ing in on a restaurant for an upcoming family dinner becomes as nerve-wracking a task as cracking the CAT?

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