Cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam

Cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam

To do, or not to do… That was the question!

                We oscillated back and forth on this one quite a bit, I’ll be honest, whilst planning our Vietnamese Vacation over the Christmas and New Year holidays last year!

I was pretty convinced I wanted to visit Halong Bay but Arjun was refusing to buy into the idea. He doesn’t like a very hectic pace when he travels, and the 3-hour journey from Hanoi just for spending one night on-board a boat in a bay full of limestone karsts simply wasn’t appealing to him. “Didn’t we already do that in Thailand?” he said! And then we met friends who had some pretty nasty experiences to share from their trip a few years ago, and he almost had me convinced to let this one pass.

But I can be a pretty stubborn little lady, and fortunate as it was for me, this was one time he actually thanked me for being as annoyingly headfast and stubborn as I am.

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